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Gardian of Darkness DVD box set (Sealed, New!!)

Gardian of Darkness DVD box set (Sealed, New!!)

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Condition: Used
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☆ DVD is Sealed and new withoriginalprice tag.☆ DVD is still in mint condition as the package has not been opened..☆ DVD has been in storage and is being sold off from a Private collection.☆If you have bought from me before you knowwhat the mint/ sealed as well as the viewed once condition DVD & books I sell look like!☆ Shipping is extra unless BIN is used! Butsince these are DVD I can mail inside the US via media mail options!If you are looking for specific anime DVD titles please check out my listing!!~ Sets listing only ~5 Centimeters a Second ~(sealed)Abenobashi (complete collection, sealed, new)Ah! My Goddess the Movie ~ (viewed, new)Ah! My Goddess complete 2ndseason ~ (sealed)Akira (metal collector's case, LTD edition) ~ (sealed, new) ~ (sealed)Alien Nine ~(sealed, new)All Purpose cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku ~ (new, sealed, mint)Allison & Lillia (Generation 1, ep 1-13 / Generation 2, ep 4-26) ~ (Sealed, mint, new)And Yet the Town Moves (12 episodes) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Angel Beats (complete collection) (new, sealed, mint)Angel Tales Vol 1 ~ (like new, viewed)Angel Sanctuary ~(new, sealed, mint)Angel's Feather ~(new, viewed)Animation Runner Karumi ~ (sealed)Aquarian Age (complete collection, sealed, new) ~Aquarian Age vol 1-3 (sign for evolution) ~ (new, open, & sealed vol’s)Ariel ~ (open)Ayashi no Ceres (the Progenist) ~(open)Ayane's High Kick ~ (new, sealed, mint)Babel II (perfect collection, new, opened, OOP) ~Balder Force EXE ~ (sealed)Basilisk (complete, viridian collection) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Bast of Syndrome vol 1 & 2 ~(new, viewed)Battle Athletes (on Your Mark, Ready, Go) ~ (open)Battle Skipper The movie ~ (new, sealed)Big Windup! Part 1 & Part 2 (new, mint, sealed)Black Magic M66 ~(Sealed)Blue Dragon Vol 1 ~(Sealed)Blue Drop (complete series) ~(new, mint, sealed)Broken Saints (the animated comic) ~(new, sealed, mint)Burn Up Excess Vol 1-4 ~(new, sealed, mint)Buso Renkin (box set 1 & 2) ~Card Captor Sakura (The Clow) ~(sealed)Chance Pop Session (sealed) ~Chaos Head (complete series DVD & Blue Ray combo pack) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Child's Toy / Kodocha no Omacha Vol 1 & vol 2 (new, sealed) ~Chobits Vol 3 ~(open)Chrono Crusade (complete collection, thin pack with artbox) ~(new, mint, sealed)Chrono Crusade vol 1-3 & artbox(open, shelf wear on artbox)City Hunter (like new, viewed) ~City Hunter 2 ("collection 2" new, sealed) ~CLAMP school Detectives complete collection (sealed, new, OOP) ~Cleopatra DC ~(new, sealed, mint)Cluster Edge (collection 1& 2) ~(sealed, New, mint)Code Geass Box set 1, 2, & 3 ~ (complete, sealed, mint) ~Code Geass R2 Vol 1- Vol 4 ~ (sealed)Corpse Princess (part 1 & 2) ~(new, mint, sealed)Crusher Joe ~(new, sealed, mint)Cutey Honey collection 1 & 2 ~(sealed)Cyber Team in Akihabara vol 3 (sealed, new, mint) ~Cyborg 009 ~ (new, sealed, mint)D Gray-man (Season 1, part 1) ~ (viewed once, mint)D Gray-man (season 1, part 2) ~ (new, mint, sealed)D Gray-man (Season 2, part 1) ~ (new, mint, sealed)D Gray-man (season 2, part 2) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Dai- Guard (Perfect Collection) ~(Sealed, new, mint)Dai-Guard hostile Takeover ~(sealed)Dance of the Vampire Bund w/ artbook (open, new) ~Dangaizer 2 Vol 1 & 2 ~(new, sealed, mint)Dark Cat ~(new, sealed, mint)Dark Side Blues (sealed, new) ~Debutante Detective Corpse ~(sealed)Demon City ~(new, sealed, mint)Demon City Shinjuku ~ (new, mint, sealed)Desert Punk (viridian collection, sealed, new) ~Demon King Daimao (Complete collection, Mature Audiences) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Devil Hunter Yohko (the complete collection) ~ (new, sealed, mint)DEVADASY ~(sealed)DNA2 5 volumes: ep 1-5 ~(viewed once)Doomed Megalopulis ~ (sealed)Dragon Half ~(sealed)Dragonaut Part 1 & part 2 thin pack (open, new) ~Earthian (Angelic Collection) ~(new, mint, sealed)Eatman 98 ~(new, sealed, mint)Eight Clouds Rising ~ (new, sealed) / (New, mint, viewed 1 time)Elemental Gelade (Complete set) ~(sealed, new, mint)Ellcai (complete, new, sealed) ~Emma Season 1 & Season 2 (both sealed!) ~Ex Driver v1(open) & v2 (sealed) ~Excell Saga vol 1-6 (complete) ~(new, sealed, mint)Fafner Vol 1-7 ~(new, sealed, mint)Fancy Lala (complete collection, new, sealed, OOP) ~Fancy Lala Vol 2 ~ (open)Fantastic Children (complete Collection) ~(new, sealed, mint)Fight!! Spirit of the Sword ~ (new, sealed, mint, OOP)Figure 17 (The Complete collection) ~(new, sealed, mint)Fist of the North Star (Complete series Vol 1) ~Freedom One ~ (new, sealed, mint)Fruits Basket singles ~ (Complete) ~Full Metal Panic Ops 1 ~(open)Gad Guard (complete series, new, sealed) ~Galaxy Frauline Yuna ~(new, sealed, mint, OOP)Gantz (box set 1, 2) ~ (both sets are sealed together as one, new, mint)Garaga ~(sealed, new)Garuda (sealed, new) ~Gestalt ~(new, mint, sealed)Gestalt (open, new) ~Ghost in the Shell 2 (w/ tin, sealed, new) ~Ghost Stories (complete collection) ~(sealed, new, mint)GinTama (collection 2) ~(sealed, new, mint)Glass Fleet (Complete series, sealed, new) ~Golgo 13 queen Bee Special Edition ~(new, sealed)Grave of the Fireflies ~ (sealed, new, mint)Grenadier vol 2 ~(open)Guardian of Darkness (open) ~Gun Frontier Vol 1 ~(sealed, new)Gun Parade March box set with Tin (sealed, new) ~Gundam Seed complete collection 1 & 2 ~ (sealed)Gundam Seed “Far away dawn” ~(sealed)Gundam Seed Destiny complete collection ~ (sealed) Set1 & 2Gundam Wing: The Movie: Endless Waltz ~(new, viewed)Gundress ~(sealed)Guin Saga Vol 1 & 2 (sealed, new) ~Guyver (Complete collection, sealed new, thin pack) ~Hack Sign // GU Trillogy ~(new, sealed, mint)Hades Project Zeorymer, Separation ~(sealed, new)Happy Lesson vol 1-3 & OVA ~(new, viewed)Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time vol 1~(new, mint, viewed once)Hayate the Combat Butler (vol 1 & 2) ~Heat Guy J (complete series) ~(new, sealed, mint)Hermes Winds of Love ~(new, sealed, mint, OOP)Honey & clover Box 1 & box 2 ~each (sealed)Hoop Days (complete collection, new, sealed) ~Ikki Tousen (complete series) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Innocent Venus Vol 2 & 3 ~(sealed, new)Interlude (new, sealed, mint) ~Intrigue in the Bakamatsu Irohanihoheto Collection 1 & 2 (new, sealed) ~Iria Ep 1-6 ~(sealed, new)Iron Virgin Jun ~(new, sealed, mint)Jewel Beam Hunter Lime ~(new, sealed, mint)Jin-Ron ~Jing, King of Bandits 7thHeaven ~(2 different style DVD’s)Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Vol 1 ~ (new, sealed)Juni Koki The 12 Kingdoms (chapter 1 open, Collection 2 Sealed) ~Kannagi/ Crazy Shrine Maidens (Complete collection, new sealed) ~Kalido Star1-6 & Art Box (shelf & storage wear on box, mainly corners) ~Kalido Star (New Wings) 1-6 (Complete season, sealed) ~Kalido Star 1-3 ~(Open)Kalido Star 1-5 & artbox ~ (used)Kamichu (shrine Box, complete, outer display box has 1 small tear at base) ~Kamikaze 1, 2, 3 and artbox ~(new, sealed, mint)Kashimashi Vocal Collection (complete, sealed, new) ~Kimagure Orange Road 1 & 2 ~(sealed, new)Kimera ~(sealed, bought as USED, however it has the security strip on case intact)Kimi ni Todoke (Sealed, new, Premium Edition Blue ray sets!!) Set 1, set 2, & set 3 ~Kino’s journey vol 1-4 ~Knight Hunters (complete collection) ~(mint, new, sealed)KO Beast Vol 1 ~(new, sealed)Kodocha 1-6 ~(Complete)~Kodocha 1st& 2ndseason sets ~Koi Kaze Vol 1-Vol 3 & art box ~ (box is a bit shelf worn along edges, damaged)Kujibiki Unbalance ep 1-4) ~ (sealed, new, mint)Kurenai (complete collection) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Kyo Kara Maoh (Collector’s edition Book w 1-8 DVD) ~ (new, viewed once)Lady Death: The Motion Picture ~(new, sealed)Last Exile (Complete series) ~(new, mint, sealed)Legend of Condor Hero 5 ~(sealed)Legend of Crystania (complete collection) ~(new, sealed)Legend of Dragon Kings ~(open)Legend of Lemnear (open, new, OOP, part hentai?) ~Legends of the Dark King (open, new) ~Letter Bee Collection 1 & 2 (sealed, new)Love hina (complete series) ~ (sealed)Madlax (complete collection) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Madonna ~(new, sealed, mint, OOP)Maetel Legend ~(sealed, new)Maid Sama! (Complete collection) ~(new, sealed, mint)Maps ~ (sealed)Marmalade Boy Ultimate scrapbook V1 & V2 (new, open) V3 & V4 (sealed, new) ~Martin Successor Nadeshico motion picture ~Maze (Collection complete series) ~(new, sealed, mint)Mazinkaiser Vol 1 & 2 ~ (new, sealed, mint)Midori Days (Complete collection) ~ (new, mint, sealed, Limited Edition)Millennium Actress ~ (new, sealed)Miyuki in Wonderland ~ (new, viewed)Moonphase 1-6 (Complete) ~Moribito (Special Collection & part 2) ~Munto Vol 1 & Vol 2 (open, new) ~Murder Princess (The Complete Collection) ~My -Z- Hime, My Otome (the complete collection, new, sealed) ~My Beautiful Mari ~(new, sealed, mint)Najica Blitz Tactics (complete collection) ~(new, sealed, mint)Negima! 1-6 (Complete box set) ~Negima vol 1-3 singles ~(sealed)Negima!? (Part 1) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Negima!? (Season 2 Part 2) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Negima!? (Spring & Summer specials) ~(new, sealed, mint)Neon Genesis Evangelion (directors cut) ~(sealed)NyanKoi! (complete Collection) ~(new, sealed, mint)Oh My Goddess! Vol 1 & 2 ~ (new V1, V2 viewed)Okami-san (12 episodes, complete??) ~(new, mint, sealed)Once upon a Time ~One Piece vol 4-6 ~(new, open)Otogi Zoshi (complete first set) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Otogi Zoshi (complete second set) ~(new, sealed, mint)Persona (Vol 1 Premium Edition) ~(sealed, new)Persona 4 (Collection 1) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Persona A (Trinity Soul, Vol 1, Standard edition) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Persona A (Trinity Soul, vol 2, standard edition) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Petshop of Horrors (Special Edition), 4 season collection) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Phantom (Part 1 Limited edition with artbox) ~ (new, sealed, mint)Phantom (OVA &Game set) ~(new, mint, sealed)Phantom (Part 2, ep14-26) ~ (new, mint, sealed)Plastic Little ~(new, sealed)Please Save My Earth (complete) ~(new, viewed)Please Teacher Vol 1 (open) ~(open)Pretear vol 1 & 2
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